5G for Europe

Pushing the boundaries in mobile technology research

Experts predict a 1 000-fold increase in the demand for wireless capacity over the next decade. The IoT will be connecting some 100 billion devices by 2025, generating a sharp increase in mobile broadband demand.

Huawei is a driving force in developing 5G wireless technologies with and for Europe. It is investing a tremendous R&D effort in 5G research and innovation and aims to turn this investment into technological progress for Europe thanks to an open and collaborative approach.


Infrastructure ready for full 5G roll-out worldwide
World Radio Congress to confirm main 5G standards
Huawei 5G NR products pass the strict verification requirements of TÜV SÜD, the EU's certification authority
Huawei completes the first 5G trial in the city of Turin, Italy in February 2018
Huawei and Deutsche Telekom Showcase End-to-End 5G Network Slicing at MWC
Outdoor field trial by Huawei and Vodafone achieves 20 Gbps for single user MIMO
Large-scale 5G test beds involving Huawei launched in Munich, Germany, and Surrey, UK
European 5G Public Private Partnership (5GPPP) launched on 1 July
Huawei announces it plans to launch 5G with MegaFon at 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia
Huawei announces USD 600 million 5G research investment globally by 2018
Huawei demonstrates first 5G prototype base stations with 50 Gbps capacity at MWC
Huawei begins researching 5G mobile technologies

Delivering on 5G-PPP objectives

Investing £5 million in the 5GIC in the UK

Helping build the 5G Vertical Industry Accelerator

Leading millimetre wave research efforts

Contributing to 5G for vertical industries