Huawei Europe New Year Reception


Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 30 December 2019


Huawei’s Public Affairs and Communications Office organised a reception to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

President Leo Sun used the opportunity to take a look back at Huawei’s achievements at European level and to chart the road ahead.

“In Europe, we have further consolidated our presence by increasing the number of employees to just over 7 300, having created around 800 more jobs,” he said. “We have increased the number of subsidiaries and the number of R&D sites. Very recently two additional R&D centres were opened, one in Ireland and the other in Finland. […] We are thus reaffirming our long-term commitment to Europe.”

The event, which was organised on 30 January in Huawei’s Brussels Office, provided a meeting point for stakeholders including industry players and European policy makers. It also opened the door to the development of new synergies.

“In the European Parliament, we organised a platform for open debate on how to tackle the barriers for boosting innovation in the European economies, called ‘Knowledge for Innovation’, or K4I,” said Slovenian MEP Alojz Peterle, who spoke at the reception. “As a board member of K4I, I would like to invite Huawei to join our platform in order to discuss the future of European Innovation.”