Vote for 5G

Vote for a smarter future with 5G

Vote for Europe! Vote for a smarter future with 5G!

The European Union is a great success story. Since the historical Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950, the integration process has brought Europeans unprecedented prosperity and stability.

This success did not happen by coincidence, but is the result of bold and deliberate choices. Back in the 1950s, it was not conventional wisdom to pool national sovereignty over coal and steel production and thus lay the foundations for the Common Market. Today, Europe is facing a similar choice over 5G.

5G, this new generation of mobile communication networks has huge transformational potential – in areas such as health, transport, energy and the fight against climate change. It is crucial to roll out 5G the European way, in line with European values.

To showcase how 5G will change the lives of Europeans, Huawei on Europe Day 2019 launches its “Vote for 5G” campaign. Over the following weeks and months, “Vote for 5G” will be highlighting why Europeans can look forward to the introduction of 5G and how the lives of selected people can radically change for the better due to this new technology. Watch this space and places in Brussels for more!